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Cole R1 School District



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Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP)

The Comprehensive School Improvement Plan (CSIP) is a detailed plan of actions for accomplishing the district's goals. Creating and sustaining a high performance education environment takes both dedication and thoughtful planning.

In the Spring of 2022, our district hired Fired Up Consulting to meet with our staff and community members to update our CSIP. Administrators, teachers, parents, school board and community members reviewed relevant data to develop a plan to support student achievement and growth, and eliminate achievement gaps among groups of students.

The district's CSIP is a planning document, featuring both broad-based perspectives on the priorities of our district as well as specific learning goals for our students. These goals provide an important measure of accountability. 

During the Summer of 2023, our administration met to review and update the plan following a discussion and rating with the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Our plan will continue to be a living document that will guide our district in continuous improvement efforts to provide the best education and facilities for the students we serve as well as our teachers and administrators. The district established three main priorities:

  • Priority Area 1 - Teaching/Learning
  • Priority Area 2 - Collaborative Culture/Staff
  • Priority Area 3 - Funding/Facilities

Visit our Proposition K.I.D.S. webpage to learn more about our capital improvement projects focused to address Priority Area 3 of our CSIP.  

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